If you’d like to help develop the project so that it can support awareness-raising about the issue of waste, or simply because you like it, I am currently looking for:

1/ a UK or US publisher and sponsors for my book linked to waste and travel, with full colour photographs;

2/ businesses working on waste who’d like to partner the exhibition and/or the book project;

3/ spaces to show the exhibition in, with my costs & author’s rights covered, in France, the UK, Germany or elsewhere, to support waste-related messages, probably in line with the organisation’s activities or ambitions;

4/ schools, libraries, universities, non-profits, companies, consultancies etc. to show the expo in as a pedagogical tool or just because it’s an eye catcher!

5/ pictures of bins! I have an interactive Facebook page – Let the bins talk – so people can send me their favourite bin pics to post. Do also read my posts about waste in general on the page.

6/ your ideas, films, books, articles & comments – cf Rubbish Links page. Do send me yours on plubelles @ You can also follow my posts on waste on my Facebook page Let The Bins Talk.

I am otherwise a freelance communications consultant at Phenomenal Words, my own freelance company, working in particular around circular economy, doing editorial projects and delivering workshops and training. I am part of the global network Circulab since its inception in 2015, with 70 consultants worldwide working around promoting and helping to embed the circular economy and sustainability in organisations and in mindsets. Today, on a local level, I am a member of Circular Berlin. I co-design and deliver workshops in organisations across sectors. Contact me and I can tailor a workshop for you.

I am based in Germany.