If you’d like to help develop the project so that it can support awareness-raising about the issue of waste, or simply because you like it, I am currently looking for:

1/ a UK or US publisher and sponsors for my book, ‘Let The Bins Talk’, with full colour photographs, which I expect to get published in 2017/18 once I have completed it this spring 2017;

2/ businesses working on waste who’d like to partner the exhibition and/or the book project;

3/ spaces to show the expo in, with my costs & author’s rights covered, in France, the UK, Germany or elsewhere, to support waste-related messages, probably in line with the organisation’s activities or ambitions;

4/ schools, libraries, universities, non-profits, companies, consultancies etc. to show the expo in as a pedagogical tool or just because it’s an eye catcher!

5/ pictures of bins! I have an interactive Facebook page – Let the bins talk – so people can send me their favourite bin pics to post. Do also read my regular posts about waste in general on the page!

6/ your ideas, films, books, articles & comments – cf Rubbish Links page. You can also follow my regular posts on waste on my Facebook page (@Let the Bins Talk).

I am otherwise a freelance communications consultant at Phenomenal Words, my own freelance company, working in particular around sustainability, energy, waste issues and the Arts, so am interested in work around this area. I am part of sustainability network Circulab, 40 consultants worldwide working around promoting the circular economy and sustainability in organizations, affiliated to design thinking agency Wiithaa in Paris. I do workshops in companies such as L’Oréal, Orange etc and have been in talks recently with WWF and am giving a workshop at KLU university in Hamburg in May 2017 using a business game.

I am based in Paris and Berlin.

Email Me

Tel: +33 7 87 94 14 55 & +49 1768 726 3511

Phoebe back in Paris ... plu'belled!

Phoebe back in Paris in the new ‘Bagatelle’ bin