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Sorting paper rubbish at Amma's Ashram

Sorting paper rubbish at Amma’s Ashram, Kerala, India

Phoebe was born in London, and has lived in France, the UK and Germany, where she first discovered, as a student in Bonn then as an intern in Düsseldorf, the potential of recycling and sustainable development. She also discovered and admired the German photographers Andreas Gursky, and Hilla and Bernd Becher, the latter known for their photos of industrial infrastructure.

Following literature studies in Oxford and Bonn, she worked at Yahoo, in Munich, then at the French Embassy in London, where she co-ordinated a festival of photo and video. After eight years in the EDF Group in London and Paris, where she worked in communications and sustainable development/CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), she started her trip in August 2012. Looking for a theme for her photos which reflected her interests and inclination for the quirky, she spotted ‘Robot Bin’ in Tallinn, in Estonia, at the start of her trip: the ‘Plu’Belles’ project was born!

Now, after completing a ‘MOOC’ in July 2015 on social entrepreneurship, with a case study on a venture to support rag pickers in India, she is working on the book ‘Let The Bins Talk’, which she hopes to get published in 2017, once she has found a publisher. Her ‘day job’ is as a freelancer in Paris and Berlin for organisations working on the circular economy/green issues and the arts, as a translator, editorial consultant, language & voice coach and facilitator. She has recently facilitated workshops on the circular economy for companies such as Orange and L’Oréal, and at the London fair Resource in 2016, via a network of international consultants set up by French start-up Wiithaa, which she now represents in Berlin.

Phoebe back in Paris ... plu'belles!

Phoebe back in Paris in the new ‘Bagatelle’ bin launched soon after her return, in November 2013