How to order…?

You can order prints through me, the format is 30x45cm or 24×36, signed, on fine art paper, with aluminium backing, as you choose, on, and I can email prices. Reductions are possible if you order more than 4. The prints are numbered up to 30.

The photos look good in offices, a school, and to accompany communication around waste and sustainable development. All contacts appreciated!

Other items you can purchase linked to the expo:

– Post cards (in lots of 5 for €7.00 or €1.50 per card, 5 models available currently). 10% of profits will go towards an organisation working on recycling in Asia once the cost of printing has been covered.

– You can also hire the expo for a private view, or for an event. Email me your request and I can send you the info sheet.

– The 2014 Paris Lit Up (PLU) magazine, featuring 5 ‘Bin monologues’, which I wrote to accompany the exhibition, playful and imaginative, and which I am currently turning into a book. Publisher contacts and sponsors welcome! The magazine can be bought at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris while stocks last. I read ‘The Scorpion of Irkutsk’ at the launch event in 2014, a lot of fun!