About Les Plu’belles

A bin-spotter’s travelogue

The Plu’ belles Project

About the project

The idea of taking a series of photos of dustbins on my ten month trip around the Baltic states, Russia and Asia first saw the light of day in Tallinn, in August 2012. It was love at first sight with striking, endearing Robot Bin, there, in the Old Town of Tallinn. That was it: bins it was to be!

A keen recycler and interested in sustainability and CSR issues for a long time, I’d decided I needed a thread for my pictures during my trip which linked this interest with a liking for the quirky and my long-standing passion for photography. The dustbin represented the perfect subject: accessible, universal, varied and ‘low-risk’: nobody would stop me from taking pictures of them or put me in jail for doing so.

Here are a collection of pictures of the dustbins spread across my trip and which you can find on the map (above). CLICK on the red pin to see a thumbnail of the bin linked to a place on my trip, then click again to go to the photo. Some, but not all, have posts attached to them, telling you a bit about the place and the bin. Each bin has its personality, and each one is a little part of my journey.

Past expo showings:


  • 1-2 April, at the Salon Produrable, in the VIP lounge area, Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot. The salon is one of France’s main sustainable development salons for sustainability professionals;
  • 8 April-12 May, at the Photo Up gallery, Paris 17ème; 22 November through to 2015 at the offices of the French Government publishing arm DILA (equivalent of UK TSO/ex HMSO) as part of  EUROPEAN REDUCTION OF WASTE WEEK, in their Paris and Metz offices, to help create staff awareness around DILA’s waste issues and how to reduce waste.


  • 24-25 January, rue Bichat, 75010, Paris, in a beautiful duplex flat, in the form of a private view – the exhibition is for hire, and this was a first experiment with a showing in someone’s home!
  • 18th May-12th June 2015, avenue de France, Paris 75013, at the reception of the new Tolbiac Ville de Paris offices, Direction de la Propreté, covering Sustainable Development Week (end May/early June).


  • NEXT SHOWINGS – to be confirmed, with one or more showings probable in Berlin in 2017.
  • Your ideas of ‘eco’ spaces keen to show it are welcome, and organisations linked to waste management/industrial design.