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Waste as an academic discipline
– There exists in France a programme of study for a Master one can do at the Université of Le Maine in Western France, including a strong focus on waste management, a subject increasingly included in engineering school study programmes, see (in French): http://www.mastergeo-lemans.fr/index.php/m2-dechets
– The institute of ‘Rudologie’ at Le Maine university in France was founded by Jean Gouhier, a pioneer in issues of waste, who coined the French term ‘rudologie‘, the study of waste (from the Latin rudus, meaning rubble).
See: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudologie (only in French at present).
– The University of Northampton, UK, has a strong department researching waste management issues, and, I am told, one of the biggest libraries on the subject in Europe! See:
Major Waste-related events:

European Reduction of Waste Week – in November each year (the expo was labelled by the Ademe, France’s energy efficiency and environmental practice organisation, as part of the 2014 events).